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Intel Launched i7 8-Core Haswell-E CPU

Today, Intel launched 3 new processors: i7-5960K, i7-5930K, i7-5820K.

Intel Core i7-5960K is Intel's first 8-core CPU. For this CPU a X99 chipset motherboard will be needed, using the new LGA 2011-3 socket. i7-5960K has a 3.0 GHz base clock speed that goes up to 3.5 GHz in Turbo, has 8 cores and 16 threads, 20MB cache, supports 4 memory channels of DDR4-2133, and has a 140W TDP.

Together with i7-5960K, Intel also launched 2 6-core processors (12 threads), with 15MB cache. Those two have the same 4x DDR4 memmory channels, same 140W TDP, and same 2011-3 socket.

The suggested price for these new CPUs are:
-i7-5960K = $999
-i7-5930K = $583
-i7-5820K = $389

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