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Anonymous “Changes” Hungary’s Constitution

After gaining unauthorized access to the official site of Hungary’s Constitutional Court, Anonymous hackers modified the constitution, adding some passages that would favor them and IT workers in general.

According to, those who wanted to read the constitution posted on the site of the Constitutional Court found amendments that allowed those in the IT sector to retire at age 32 with a pension representing 150% of their salary.

One modification, that really characterizes Anonymous, read that “the people have the right to eliminate tyranny or rebel against it.”

Other amusing passages refer to making November 5 the national Guy Fawkes Day and giving Anonymous the power to fight against the country’s internal and external enemies.

The last addition to the country’s basic law reads, “We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect this from us.”

Shortly after the incident, the page was reinstated to its original version, but the situation shows that hacktivists never run out of original ideas when it comes to protests.