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6 Anonymous Hacker Arrested By Interpol in Dominican Republic (Operation Unmask)

Operation Unmask by International police agency (Interpol) continues. Police in the Dominican Republic have arrested six suspected members of Anonymous. Interpol confirmed the six arrests on 27 March were made as a part of the ongoing Operation Unmask. "Authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested six suspects as part of an international operation supported by Interpol against suspected hackers believed to be linked to the so-called ‘Anonymous' group," said Interpol.

"The arrests are the latest phase of Operation Unmask, an international initiative supported by Interpol against suspected hackers."

Launched in mid-February, Operation Unmask is a co-ordinated campaign between national law enforcement officers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain against cybercrime. The operation has already resulted in 25 arrests and the seizure of over 250 items of IT equipment in 40 premises across 15 cities.

Earlier in March, Western law enforcement struck another significant blow against Anonymous, arresting several suspected members of the infamous LulzSec hacker group.