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Lineage 2 - Goddess of Destruction: Tauti - Interface & System Changes

Interface & System Changes

Interface Changes

When you mouse over the vitality UI that appears in the character screen, you can now check the number of vitality items that can be used that week.

A new icon has been added to let you select more various items than before upon registering a macro.

In the Preferences menu, an option item has been added to the game tab to let you select the dialogue box and private shop/private workshop sign.

When speaking with a character or NPC, the marked dialogue box has been changed.

When setting up a private shop or private workshop for each race, the displayed sign has been changed.

Requirements for resetting the quest informer's UI has been changed as follows.

  • Before change: acquire 1 quest item
  • After change: accept the quest
The “hide dialogue box” option has been corrected to apply to all NPC dialogue.

On NCsoft West servers, the in-game petition client will be disabled until further notice.

Parties & Vitality

The vitality points consumption rate has been improved. Vitality points that are consumed during solo or 2-6 member party hunting has been decreased.

On NCsoft West servers, the weekly vitality has increased from 7 to 20 items.

New Emotes

New emotes Provoke and Propose have been added to the Actions window. Animations generally differ per race and gender.

Bug Fixes

The problem of the mentoring guide not having a race item in its target detailed setup has been corrected.

The problem of searching for a character name exceeding 12 English characters in the Mentee search window not being normally carried out has been fixed.

The problem of a name of NPC, which does not actually exit, being displayed when checking the radar at the entrance of Talking Island has been fixed.

The problem of the displayed UI window automatically closing when using the /instantzone command has been corrected.

After deleting and adding a subclass, the problem of the “Eva’s Saint” class being shown as “Eva’s Templar” has been corrected.

When a mentor dies, the mentee can no longer use the Summon Mentor skill.