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Arizona State Legislature hacked by MalSec

Hackers from Malicious Security, or MalSec, have managed to breach the systems of the Arizona State Legislature (, leaking more than 300 record sets from a table called “standing transactions.”

The data consists of bill numbers, descriptions, document names, document types, FTP URLs, HTTP URLs, session IDs and other information.

While this may not exactly look like sensitive data, the hackers also leaked a couple of user names, IDs, and their associated passwords (in clear text.)

According to the message posted by the hackers, this breach is a form of protest against the US government. 

“[Expletive] u, and [expletive] ur gov! We still are Anonymous! We do not forgive. We do not forget! U should have expected us!” they wrote next to the data dump.

MalSec is a relatively new group on the hacking scene, but they’ve already caused a stir with their operations.

Source: @EduardKovacs | softpedia