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Drop & Spoil S80/S84 items

Due to the termination of l2wh became necessary to find out where what and how Spoil and drops. 
Here is the complete list of loot and spoils. (taken from forum)

1. Dynasty Heavy Armor

2. Dynasty Light Armor

3. Dynasty Robe

4. Dynasty Weapons

5. Dynasty Jewels

6. Icarus Weapons

7. Moirai Heavy Armor

8. Moirai Light Armor

9. Moirai Robe Armor

10. Vesper Heavy Armor

11. Vesper Light Armor

12. Vesper Robe Armor

13. Vesper Weapons

Source: # 28053 
The chances of drops look l2on knowledge bases and the like. 
Information is current as of the update Freya