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Lineage 2 CT 3 - Goddess of Destruction

After Lineage 2 High Five, NCSoft announced a new chronicle: CT 3 - Goddess of Destruction.
According to NCsoft's spokesperson, the very core systems, including combat, professions etc will be revised in this new expansion. More new changes and updates will be revealed when G*Star 2010 officially starts on the 18th. A total of 20 demo booths will be available for attendees to try the new expansion out.

Update: Those with a (confirmed) means that the news is confirmed via a G*Star interview with NCsoft representatives (below).
1. Storyline will feature the Goddess of Destruction taking over the Chaotic Throne. To prevent this, the humans engage the help of the Titans (or Giants).
2. New R-class weapons, a group of the most powerful R-weapons cannot be traded. Upgrading method will also differ from other equipments'. R stands for "Royal". (confirmed)
3. 4th class advancement, known as the Awakening System. (confirmed, new info will be released gradually)
4. More monsters, more bosses, more conquerable maps and over 20 new hunting maps. (confirmed)
5. New teleport portals in PvP war zones for faster access to certain points.
6. Battle system, production system and almost all core systems will be overhauled. (confirmed)
7. Upgrading of monster AI, especially for bosses. They will inflict more status such as stunt etc using their skills. (confirmed)
8. Siege system will be revamped and implemented after the first Goddess of Destruction patch hits.
9. Upgrading and optimization of game graphics, lighting effects and shadows even though the game is still using Unreal 2 Engine.(confirmed)
10. New starting point for beginners, new leveling process (or curve). (confirmed)
11. New level cap will be 90. (confirmed) 
12. Class balancing, including nerfing and strengthening some classes. (confirmed)
13. No fix date for release, the expansion is undergoing internal QA (quality assurance) now. (confirmed)

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