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Anonymous protest STOP CISPA

 The day has come to take action stop CISPA.

dear citzens of the world we are anonymous the goverment
are trying pass a new law called cispa. it will allow them to see
what you are typing and listen to your phone calls this is
wrong and it needs to be stopped. it like saying that the
goverment owns you we are our own people and we have ideas
and we should be able to put them forward and say what we
think. when you sign up to big sites like Facebook,Youtube and
twitter is the information you put really private if you got
someone watching what you on typing then it not really private
now is it join the protest on may 20th this is for the uk
america and any other conutry that is trying to get the law passed
we are anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget,
goverments of the world expect us