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INOE.RO hacked by #Anonymous #Romania #AnonOps

National Institute of Research for Optoelectronics Hacked

Hello dear internets, long time no see :)
It’s been 2 days since we are trying to win a battle on the stormy seas of the internet, and we finally managed to win the battle. This time, our vessel breached National Institute of Research for Optoelectronics (INOE), along with other important subdomains, and dumped some very interesting docs. Now it’s time to take a look at them toghether and see what the fuck is wrong with this country (or at least with a part of it).
It was a fucking long hack session but we hope it worth the effort. We got a 2.8 GB pack of data (1.810 files in 297 folders). Here is a “teaser” of waht u will find in the pack, among other docs and some software shit:

Here are the download links for this pack:
Download part 1:
Download part 2:
Download part 3:
Download part 4:
Download part 5:
Brought to you by lulzcart…cheers! :)