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Zeiko Anonymous Hacker attacks Torrents

Zeiko Anonymous, the hacker who launched distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks against several BitTorrent websites last week, is back. He has turned his attention to The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, Fenopy, Bitsnoop and TorrentPortal.
On this occasion, the hacker’s first target has been The Pirate Bay ( The site’s representatives have told TorrentFreak that they’ve been hit with a “normal” SYN flood attack that’s powered by a small botnet.

However, The Pirate Bay team isn’t too concerned. They’ve taken advantage of the “break” to do some database upgrades. 

After attacking The Pirate Bay, Zeiko Anonymous turned his attention to isoHunt. Soon after the attack was launched, isoHunt representatives revealed that the site was down.

“We are presently experiencing some issues due to a DDoS, please bear with us,” they wrote on Twitter.

Fenopy, BitSnoop and TorrentPortal suffered the same fate. Currently, most of the sites are back online, except for TorrentPortal. 

Last time, the hacker launched the attacks on BitTorrent sites after private tracker refused to give him an invite. This time, he didn't reveal his reasons for taking down the websites. 

We are presently experiencing some issues due to a DDoS, please bear with us.
Pirate Bay is down right now due to a DDOS attack.
Piracy DDoS Attack () 2nd round launched. DEAD!
Piracy DDoS attack of the day -> () is DEAD - Mission accomplished.
Public Piracy DDoS of the day launched ---> !!!


  1. You just know this is some 15yo living in his mom's basement who learned a thing or two about hacking from someone else. Someone should send a hooker to his house so he can get the coronary he deserves for actually having a girl talk to him for the first time.

    Really... DDoSing a site because they wouldn't send him an invite? What a pussy!

  2. This is what you get when you mess with them...


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