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NullCrew Hacked Data.Gov.Uk ! 700 MB data leaked!

NullCrew hackers once again show their support for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. This time, they claim to have breached – a UK government project that provides citizens with non-personal data which can be freely re-used.

They published a 700 megabyte archive that holds numerous .cvs files which contain all sorts of information. Although we haven’t spotted any sensitive details in the massive leak, the website does have a login section, which may mean that user credentials might have been obtained by the hackers.

Apparently, similar to other data breaches, the attackers exploited an SQL Injection vulnerability to gain access to the files.

He have sent an inquiry to representatives a few hours before this post was published, but so far they haven’t responded. Hopefully, they can confirm or deny the hackers’ claims and provide further explanations.

Source: softpedia | @EduardKovacs