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Multiple people shot near Empire State Building

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK - At least 10 people were injured when gunfire broke out near the Empire State Building, CBS station WCBS-TV reports.

A police source told CBS News that the gunman was shot and killed.

Some of the victims were reportedly found inside the lobby of the Empire State Building while some were found on the street.

At least one of those wounded is in critical condition. The conditions of the other victims are unknown. It's still not clear what led to the shooting. Details were still emerging as police worked the scene. There is a large police presence and multiple ambulances on the scene. The FBI has also responded.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene.

"I was sitting outside, and I heard three shots first and I saw three people running up to Park Avenue way from the Empire State Building," one woman told WCBS-TV. "Then we heard it again and it was like 10 to 15 shots at one time. Then we saw the whole block, like over 50 people running to Park Avenue."

A fire department spokesman says it received a call about the shooting just after at 9 a.m. Friday and that emergency units were on the scene within minutes.

The shooting occurred at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue.

Source: cbsnews


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