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Hacker Claims to Have Breached Website

A hacker who claims to have no affiliation to the Anonymous collective has apparently breached – a website dedicated to crime, policing, and criminal justice matters that concern Wales and England – along with a couple of its subdomains.

From the subdomains he breached – and – the hacker leaked 97 records consisting of usernames, passwords, email addresses and names belonging to officers.

Hundreds of records consisting of login and contact details have also been made public. The breach appears to be part of Operation Free Assange, the campaign initiated by hacktivists in support for WikiLeaks' founder.

While the data leak seems to be genuine, this particular hacker doesn’t quite have a clean slate, which makes us doubt the legitimacy of his claims.

An inquiry has been sent out to the site’s representatives hoping they can confirm or deny the hacker’s claims. We’ll return with more details once they become available.

Source: softpedia @EduardKovacs