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Demonoid Starts Redirecting to Ads and Malware

It’s been nearly a week since Demonoid went down following a huge DDoS attack and still there is no sign that the site will return. If anything, the situation has worsened somewhat. The site’s main domain is now redirecting straight to an ad network serving up malware to unsuspecting visitors.

Demonoid is one of the world’s largest and longest standing sites that not only indexes torrents, but also operates its own tracker.

Although the site has a reasonable uptime record, there have been a few occasions where it has not only gone down, but has disappeared completely. We are currently in one of those periods.

Last week the latest of Demonoid’s difficulties turned out to be caused by a massive DDoS attack which initially crippled the site and then took it completely offine. But while DDoS attacks usually stop after a point has been made or the attackers get bored, the Demonoid admin explained that he had more on his mind.

“There might have been an attack from another angle, an exploit of sorts, but it’s hard to tell right now without a full check of everything,” he told TorrentFreak.

What that attack is, or was, remains unclear, but today even more problems are becoming apparent. On July 1 and then again today Aug 2, the domain entries for were updated and now the URL is redirecting to straight to adverts. Unfortunately – and we presume this is something Demonoid’s admin would be completely against – some of those adverts contain a virus and other malware.


This particular one is redirecting to a variation of the domain, a site with a particularly low trust rating.

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