Skip to main content Hacked by Anonymous – a Ukrainian website dedicated to Blizzard games fans – has been breached by hackers operating under the Anonymous and AntiSec banners. 

 “About time you get you Content Management Systems updated son?!” they wrote next to the data leak sample.

This indicates that the attackers leveraged an unpatched security hole in order to gain access to the site’s databases.

The paste published on contains a link to a 7 megabyte file that stores 19,106 usernames, passwords, email addresses and other user details.

According to Cyber War News, besides this file, there are two other databases out there, apparently containing administrator details and information belonging to World of Warcraft players. 

Hopefully, this will act as a wakeup call for the site’s administrators and they’ll address the vulnerability, but also notify their users to ensure that their details cannot be misused.

Source: softpedia @EduardKovacs