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Anonymous Hacks Siemens and Fujitsu Websites #OpColtan #OpGreenRights

Hacktivists continue their operations against companies they believe to be responsible for using the “harmful” mineral known as coltan (columbite–tantalite). The latest victims of OpColtan and OpGreenRights are the websites of Fujitsu General Brazil ( and Siemens Switzerland ( 

The hackers have published massive amounts of data – including some email addresses, usernames and passwords –, allegedly stolen from these websites.

Judging by the files posted on PrivatePaste, it appears that the attackers once again leveraged SQL Injection vulnerabilities to breach the sites and gain access to their databases.

“Our attention turns to you, unscrupulously and greedy multinationals. Behind your famous commercial images, fabricated and marked on an false Ethic, the most cruel barbarites are hidden,” the Anons who run the campaign stated.

“Coltan, the mineral that you use to produce capacitors of mobile phones, besides being harmful to health, is also the sick result of environmental [violation] and enslavement of underdeveloped populations,” they added.

“We can not remain indifferent to greedy profiteers whose revenues are derived from the suffering of a colonized, oppressed and exploited people, forced to work in inhuman conditions and paid with meager wages.”

The hackers accuse the targeted companies of failing to develop a substitute for coltan, instead, preferring to improve their current coltan brevets. 

Another organization targeted by Operation Green Rights is Philips – a company that was forced to investigate a lot of apparently fake data leaks in the past couple of weeks. On this occasion, the hackers claim to have breached the Philips Advance ( domain from which they leaked impressive amounts of information.

We have contacted Philips once again and provided them with the information, hoping that they can clarify if this is in fact a legitimate breach or simply another instance in which the details stolen from the company in February are republished.

Source: softpedia | @EduardKovacs