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#ZoneH Defacements 27/07/2012 ( #Hack #Website #Deface )

#ZoneH Defacements 26/07/2012 ( #Hack #Website #Deface )

Skype makes chats and user data more available to police

Skype, the online phone service long favored by political dissidents, criminals and others eager to communicate beyond the reach of governments, has expanded its cooperation with law enforcement authorities to make online chats and other user information available to police, said industry and government officials familiar with the changes.

Surveillance of the audio and video feeds remains impractical — even when courts issue warrants, say industry officials with direct knowledge of the matter. But that barrier could eventually vanish as Skype becomes one of the world’s most popular forms of telecommunication.

The changes to online chats, which are written messages conveyed almost instantaneously between users, result in part from technical upgrades to Skype that were instituted to address outages and other stability issues since Microsoft bought the company last year. Officials of the United States and other countries have long pushed to expand their access to newer form…

#ZoneH Defacements 25/07/2012 ( #Hack #Website #Deface )

#Anonymous' newest campaign: Operation #Anaheim

Only days after officers with the Anaheim Police Department opened fire killing two men in just two days, members of the hacktivism collective Anonymous are asking people across the globe to ring in and condemn the cops.

Self-proclaimed members of the loose-knit Anonymous collective have started a campaign to address the amounting allegations of police brutality coming out of Anaheim, California. In a YouTube video and bulletin circulated on the Web on Wednesday this week, some Anons say that the rest of America need to let their opposition to these ongoing policies known.

“We want to inform the citizens of the world that the United States is setting the flames of revolution,” the message begins. “In Anaheim, police shot protesters and bystanders including kids who did nothing wrong. We, Anonymous, are calling yet again to the citizens of the United States, to rise up in unison, and defeat this government which values no lives nor freedom.”

Anonymous has called for support…

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AAPT confirms data breach as Anonymous claims attack

AAPT has confirmed that it has been breached, following claims by Anonymous Australian that it broke into an ISP and stole 40GB of data that it plans to leak. 

AAPT has confirmed that it has been breached, following claims by an Australian sect of Anonymous that it has broken into and stolen 40GB of data from the major Australian internet service provider (ISP).

Anonymous Australia was meant to release a sample of stolen data last night in order to prove that it was able to infiltrate the target's systems. However, the effort required to strip out personally identifiable information from the data, as well as some logistical issues, prevented the group from releasing it.

AAPT CEO David Yuile said that last night, at 9.30pm AEST, Melbourne IT alerted AAPT that there had been a breach of security and unauthorised access to AAPT's business customer data on its servers. Early this morning, an unverified member of Anonymous Australia hinted that AAPT was the target of an a…

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#Anonymous hit #Melbourne #IT to find #AAPT documents

Anonymous says it will shortly release a sample of material it has obtained from Australian Internet Service Provider (ISP) AAPT.

In a chat room this morning, the group linked to AAPT's Wikipedia page, making that ISP the likely target. The group has also insisted, on Twitter, that the leak is not fake and that the ISP concerned knows what is happening.

Anonymous representatives have also said, in the same chat room, that the group's attack was not on AAPT itself but on a cold fusion server hosted at Melbourne IT. ZDnet reports that AAPT and Melbourne IT have both acknowledged the breach.

Anonymous has also, on its internet radio channel, articulated a raison d'être for the release, with a person identifying themselves as "Lorax" stating the release will serve as an example of how unsafe personal data will be under Australian Government's proposed data retention laws.

Chat has also suggested the group will release portions of data that in some way emba…

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#ZoneH Defacements 24/07/2012 ( #Hack #Website #Deface )

KARIE F2FB MIXTAPE [all tracks]



1. LOG IN - 0:00:02
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie
2. BANG BANG [J.J.] - 0:01:03
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: JJ
3. REVOLVER [NANE / EXO] - 0:02:55
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Nane, Exo
4. FARA LIMITE [C.I.A.] - 0:06:20
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Rashid, Byga, Phila *contine un sample din Knut A. Haugen
5. SINGUR [KEED] - 0:09:20
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Keed
6. FREAKS [ALAN & KEPA] - 0:11:20
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Kepa, Alan
7. O SECUNDA [MR. LEVY / KARIE] - 0:14:05
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Mr. Levy, Karie
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Karie, Criss Blaziny
9. NUMA' ZIC [ZHAO / KARIE] - 0:19:50
Instrumental, Mix & Master: Karie *Text: Zhao

#ZoneH Defacements 23/07/2012 ( #Hack #Website #Deface )