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Lineage 2 - Goddess of Destruction: Tauti - Clan Changes

Clan Changes

New Clan Items

Items for obtaining clan reputation points and individual fame points have been added.

  • Clan Exclusive Pet (Raccoon): Item that summons a nurture-type clan pet (Raccoon)
  • Clan Exclusive Pet (White Cat): Item that summons a nurture-type clan pet (White Cat)
  • Clan Exclusive Pet (Desert Fox): Item that summons a nurture-type clan pet (Desert Fox)
  • Cheeky Angma Summoning Scroll: Item that summons a combat-type Cheeky Angma
  • The clan exclusive pets and the cheeky angma summoning scroll can only be used by clan members who belong to a clan that is above level 5.
  • When a nurture-type clan pet is summoned and 72 hours go by, you can obtain 100 clan reputation points, and there is also a chance of acquiring the "Pouch of Doubt" through which you can obtain reward items.
  • You can exchange a nurture-type clan exclusive pet.
  • If you defeat the combat-type cheeky angma within the given time, you receive 1000 individual fame points and 30 clan reputation points. There is a chance of also obtaining the "Attribute Crystal Fragment."
  • The combat-type cheeky angma uses skills such as heal, stun, and aerial yoke. You can defeat it by working with another character.
  • Pet items and summoning scrolls can be purchased using "Marks of Doubt" through the "Ceremony of Chaos."
The "Clan Insignia" has been changed as follows.
  • It's name has been changed to "Clan Mark."
  • The Clan mark can be registered as a 256x256 24-bit or 32-bit TGA file.
  • The clan mark uses new standards, so the clan insignia that was registered under previous standards cannot be used.
  • The clan insignia information that cannot be used after the standards change will be deleted in bulk at the regular maintenance time on 1/11 (Wed).
  • The clan mark applies to the clan shield, clan flag, and clan tombstone.
  • summoning the combat pet means you summon it, fight it, and get fame points when it dies
New Clan Skills
A "Clan Flag" skill has been added.
  • In order to acquire the skill, you must purchase a scroll from the clan merchant. It takes 1000 clan reputation points to purchase the scroll.
  • In order to use the skill, you must be a marquis or higher. It requires 100 clan reputation points.
  • The flag that is summoned through the clan flag skill is maintained for 30 minutes. For 10 minutes, it casts the "Clan Rising" buff on all clan members, and it casts "Clan Curse" on all those who do not belong to the clan.
    • Clan Rising: Raises the clan flag. Increases damage of clan members during PvP and decreases received damage.
    • Clan Curse: It has the same effect and range as the "Clan Rising." So you can know the effect and range of a clan flag that has been summoned by another clan. it does not have any other effects.
  • You cannot use a clan flag in the Ceremony of Chaos or in the Olympiad.
  • The Clan Rising skill's effect does not overlap.
The effects of the skill "Clan Advent" have been changed as follows.
  • Increased M. Atk. and M. Def. effects have been added to the skill's effects.
  • Depending on the added effect, P. Atk. and P. Def. increase values have been slightly decreased.
Bug Fixes

When clan reputation is above 0, the problem of clan skills not resetting has been corrected.

We fixed the issue in which the auction-type clan hall ornament looked black in the Rune township