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Lineage 2 - Goddess of Destruction: Tauti - New Hunting Grounds

New Hunting Grounds

Tauti & the Seed of Hellfire

The Seed of Hellfire is a top-level hunting ground. It was originally Bremnon's weapon, but when Tauti received Shilen's command, he led his followers, the Jahks, Kundas, and Sophas, to this place in order to expand Shilen's influence on the Gracia Continent. Tauti is carrying out Shilen's command, but he does not hide the fact that he is also seeking to increase his own power.

Seed of Hellfire
Level 97+ Party-type Hunting Area. Quest Zone.

  • Normal monsters are spawned continuously in this hunting ground.
  • You can proceed to the breakthrough instant dungeon Tauti Boss Battle (normal, epic) through the quest.
  • On floors 1~2 in the northern region, you can hunt multiple monsters. In the southern region, you can hunt a single monster.
  • After you successfully complete a certain number of the Tauti Attack (normal, epic), it will change from normal status to PC conquered status.
  • When the Seed of Hellfire changes to stage 2 (PC conquered), you can move to floor 3 (Kunda Training Camp) through the Move Supporter NPC.
  • You can collect items in the floor 3 Kunda Training Camp.
Level 97+ Raid Battle
  • For normal mode, 14~35 characters can play this raid instant dungeon.
  • For epic mode, 21~35 characters can play this raid instant dungeon.
  • Regular and epic mode raids exist. Enter the normal mode through the NPC Sizrak inside the Seed of Hellfire. Enter the epic mode through the NPC Aku.
  • The instant dungeon is reset every Wednesday at 06:30.

Guillotine Fortress

This place was previously the Execution Grounds raid field. Monsters that were captured at the Hallucination of Blood were used to raise up this fortress. The souls of those who died with regret wander around in this place. It is now called the Guillotine Fortress. The guillotine that stands at the center of the Guillotine Fortress calls itself the Guillotine of Death. It called forth its followers to raise a powerful Chaos Shield around itself.

Levels 95~97 Party type Hunting Area
  • The previous Execution Grounds hunting ground has been changed to the levels 95~97 party hunting ground Guillotine Fortress.
  • New monsters will be spawned rather than the previous ones.
  • Some monsters use Chaos Shield upon appearing to maximize P. Def. and M. Def.
  • The Chaos Shield is weak to the Tyrr Warrior's Armor Destruction skill. While in party status, if the Tyrr Warrior's Armor Destruction skill is accurate, there is an increased chance of successfully inflicting Half-Kill on the monster that raises the shield.
  • If the Half-Kill attack is accurate or a certain amount of damage is inflicted on the monster, Chaos Shield is shattered, and that shock temporarily stops the monster from engaging in battle.
  • Infinity Keeper Izhad and Fortress Scout Gazem are anticipation-type monsters, so proceed with caution.
  • When you defeat a Guillotine Fortress monster, there is small chance of acquiring the Proof of Survival item. If you hunt monsters while possessing the Proof of Survival, there is a chance that the event monster Skull Dissect of Hellfire will appear.
  • Some monsters only appear when it is nighttime in the game.
  • The raid bosses Guillotine of Death, Head Warden Houpan, and Crazed Crook have been added to the Guillotine Fortress.
  • Sayune that allows you to move to the Guillotine Fortress have been added in the following towns: Dion, and Giran.