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National Radio Astronomy Observatory Hacked by Xception Code

A hacker that goes by the name of Xception Code has demonstrated that the website of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (, a facility owned by the US National Science Foundation, can be easily breached.

He didn’t want to cause any real damage so he only leaked some server and database information, but also around a dozen administrator records.  

He published admin usernames and email addresses, but removed the passwords to ensure that his findings couldn’t be abused.

“You Had Never Got Hacked Before By Anyone Right? I know it. Oh. So, You Think That You Are So Much Secure. Lolz, yes. You were Secure. But, You Were Unable To Stop Me To Own You. & Yes. Itz Not A Dream, Itz Reality You Got Hacked & Your Database Got Successfully Owned By Xception Raj (sic),” the hacker wrote here:

Source: @EduardKovacs | softpedia