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NASA, ESA confirm hacks; The Unknowns says systems patched

Two of the 10 organizations listed in a recent hack attack have confirmed the alleged security breaches. Furthermore, the “new” hacker group The Unknowns behind the attack says many of the systems have now been patched, which was supposedly their goal.

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have confirmed they were recently hacked. The hacking group The Unknowns says most of the 10 companies it attacked have patched their systems.
Earlier this week, The Unknowns claimed to have hacked 10 organizations around the world, gaining administrator access for all and leaking data for some. In addition to revealing how to access the computer systems of the organizations in question, The Unknowns also posted screenshots showing they gained accessed to each and every one.

The group even put together 250MB worth of military documents from their hacks and uploaded the collection to MediaFire. Some of the leaked documents were several years old, but there were also a few from earlier in 2012.

The Unknowns listed 10 victim websites for which it publicly posted administrator accounts and passwords:
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