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Green Card Lottery Webite Accused of Being Scammy & Hacked

The Australian hacker known as s3rver.exe has breached the website of USAFIS, the American Green Card DV lottery program (

“I hacked usafis because they are big scammers. If you search about them on Google it will show you scam results,” he told us.

As a result, he has published the website’s entire database, including user comments, usernames, password hashes and email addresses. The administrator’s credentials have also been made available.

s3rver.exe also hacked the website of Karma Films, a Spanish independent movie distributor.

According to the hacker, this isn’t part of a protest, but a way to force the webmasters to patch up the SQL Injection, Malicious Post Injection and File Inclusion vulnerabilities that currently affect the site.

To demonstrate his findings, s3rver.exe has published not only database information, but also the exact location of the security holes.

Source: @EduardKovacs | softpedia