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12 Anonymous Romania Members Arrested by Police

One of Anonymous Romania's most recent attacks

The Romanian police have announced that several members of the Anonymous Romania group have been arrested. DIICOT, the Romanian Organized Crime Unit, raided the homes of 12 members, out of the 14 that they believe were part of the group, located in 10 different cities.

The police claim that the 24-year-old Gabriel Balaneasa was the leader of the group. He used several nicknames online, such as "lulzcart," "anonsboat," "anonsweb" and "carman." Balaneasa, a native of Piatra Neamt, formed the group along with Fabian Gabor and Picos Mihai Emil, the police says (in Romanian).

Other members later joined the group that launched several attacks on local and international websites. Some of the most recent attacks targeted the official website of the Bucharest City Hall and a government portal.

Their preferred method of attack, SQL Injection according to the police, wasn't particularly sophisticated, but it was enough to bring down some 29 sites that the police know of.

Source: @EduardKovacs | softpedia