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Hitcher Hacked and Defaced 500 Websites

Hitcher, a hacker part of the Pak Cyber Force, has breached and defaced more than 500 websites. Voice of Grey Hat provided the complete list of affected websites.

The list of victims includes sites owned by businesses and governments from Argentina, China, Pakistan, Australia, Korea, United States, Panama, and others.

At press time, while many of the sites still display the picture of the Anonymous mask posted by the hacker, some of them have been taken offline.  

Theoretically, the sites haven’t been damaged at all, because Hitcher didn’t replace their index pages; instead he added his own HTML file.

Those interested in finding out more about this Pakistani hacker can check out the great interview we’ve had with him as part of our Hackers around the world series.

Source: @EduardKovacs @softpedia