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Lineage 2 - Goddess of Destruction - Harmony Quest - Placing My Small Power

Level: 90+
Quest type Repeatable quest
Restrictions: No Requirements
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Magmeld
Start NPC Asterios
Reward Item 30384.jpg Certificate of Promise

1. Take quest from Asterios.
2. Go to Noeti Mimilead. She will send you in the Fairy Settlement to bring her 5 of each of the following:
Item 17597.jpg Fairy Wing — 5 items
Item 17598.jpg Cocoon Fragment — 5 items
Item 17599.jpg Kimerian's Breath — 5 items

You get Fairy Wings by killing Vicious Fairies released by attacking Large Cocoons with normal hit, or selecting the first dialogue: "Launch an attack".
You get Cocoon Fragment opening Large Cocoons by talking with Large Cocoons and selecting the dialogues.
You get Kimerian Breaths by killing Slightly Enraged Fairies released by attacking Large Cocoons with skills or selecting the second dialogue: "Launch a strong attack".

You get the correct fairies from Cocoons only during day light.

3. After you collected all items, go back to Noeti Mimilead. She will give you a recipe. Learn the recipe and craft 5 items with the items you collected. Talk again with Noeti Mimilea.
4. Go back to Asteriosand receive your reward.
So far i got between 2 and 4 Certificates of Promise.

Source: l2wiki