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US Census Bureau Hacked by Team @R00tw0rm and Team @Inj3ct0r

The official website of the US Census Bureau (, the government organization that gathers demographic and economic data, was hacked by members of r00tw0rm and inj3ct0r, the hackers obtaining what they call a “secret zip file.”

A Pastebin file reveals a sample of the data they obtained from the agency’s servers, including table names and columns.

According to the hackers, this hack was performed to attract the attention of the site’s administrators and determine them to patch up the security holes, but also to show their support for AntiSec.

The same hacker collectives managed to gain access to a NASA subdomain, obtaining 6 gigabytes worth of information. They took the time to notify the Space Administration of the vulnerability and leaked only part of the database to prove that they possess the data.