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Microsoft Store India has been hacked! #EvilShadow

Microsoft Store India has been hacked!
Database hacked, Passwords exposed

As you can see from the image above, it has been hacked by EvilShadow team – 7z1&Ancker. From the tiny little flag and blog links, it looks like the hackers are from China. Their motivation is unknown at this point.

From 7z1′s blog:
 ”Do not explain, line and over ~ 
The reason for this hack hasn’t been stated but they have managed to upload a file called evil.html which says “Unsafe system will be baptized”.

Also worth noting is that you can browse the rest of the website by going to their category directly.
Stay tuned, we’ll keep you update on this and will get Microsoft’s word on this.
Update: This is huge guys. This is terrible news. Database of MS Store India has been exploited as well and the worst has happened. The passwords were saved in plain text. Yes, the scale of damage is far more than we initially assumed.
Read more in detail here : hackteach