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Antharas lvl 90-99 (dungeon) in GoD

In Lineage2 GoD we will have two types of Antharas (the normal one – hardmode for 200 people and a dungeon one – for 14-35 people)

Recomended lvl for the dungeon is 90-99. You can enter inside with 2-5 groups (remember then in GoD partyes are made from 7 people).  The dungeon is available twice a month (on 1st and 15th). The date may be connected with the Lineage2 lore: (yeah lineage have a lore also) “with their powers dependent on lunar influence, dragons are trying to leave their lairs in order to complete the great sacrifice for Shilen”.

The dungeon is started from Theodric at the entrance of Antharas Lair

Stage 1: In this stage Antharas is using Meteors and Antharas Breath skill. On this stage Tanks are suposed to control the dmg away from players  (but we all know how agro works nowadays, we’ll have to see).

Stage 2: Before this stage starts you will have around 2 minutes to prepare yourself (group up, rebuff, restore mana ect). Antharas is going back to the cave and in his place a lot of minions appears (Bomber Dragon, Taska Dragon, Behemoth Dragon).

Stage 3: Again 2 minutes rest and after that Antharas appears again with his minions. The dragons will start blowing (like in the good old days). Also Antharas starts to use Fear.

Stage 4: When his health drops below 50% he will call back his servants to sacrifice themselves for his regeneration. In this stage he is using all of the skills (meteors, dragon breath, tail stomp, fear, paralyze). During this stage he will summon other waves of minions including some cool reflect damage dragons. Also players will recieve Curse of Antharas witch will lower your stats by 50% (something like DayofDoom).

When Antharas Hp drops to 0 he will go toward the middle of the cave and disappear. Every player will get a Fellowship Support Compensation Box together with the xp/sp.

From the box you can get : Blessed Eternal Necklace, Blessed Eternal Earring, Blessed Eternal Ring, Blessed Antharas Earring, Antharas Earring, attributes crystals, enchants R grade and Antharas dye.