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Skill OE Effectiveness

Since i had to delete the specific page for this post, i made a special post for this:

I got this from Diegos Vargas, from l2guru

2nd Job Skills

Enchant OEEffective Level
+1Low 76
+2Mid 76
+3High 76
+4Low 77
+5Mid 77
+6High 77
+7Low 78
+8Mid 78
+9High 78
+10Low 79
Enchant OEEffective Level
+11Mid 79
+12High 79
+13Low 80
+14Mid 80
+15High 80
+16Low 81
+17Mid 81
+18High 81
+19Low 82
+20Mid 82
Enchant OEEffective Level
+21High 82
+22Low 83
+23Mid 83
+24High 83
+25Low 84
+26Mid 84
+27High 84
+28Low 85
+29Mid 85
+30High 85


Shield Stun L51 trained at L74 is a low level 74 skill.
Shield Stun L52 trained at L74 is a high level 74 skill.
Shield Stun L52 +1 Recovery is a low level 76 skill.
Shield Stun L52 +3 Recovery is a High level 76 skill.

3rd Job Skills

Some observations that makes this a good theory are:

XP/SP costs of taking a 3rd job skill to +1 are the same as taking a 2nd job skill to +16 (level 81 skill level), which is a very interesting co-incidence.

Also the scale from +1 to +15 fits the level 85 level curve better.

I also found a quote from playforum where korean players were commenting on lethal success vs. tullys workshop monsters. They stated that to have any realistic success scoring lethal strikes you needed to follow this enchant rule:

+7 Lethal Strike = L83 Mobs
+10 Lethal Strike = L84 Mobs
+13 Lethal Strike = L85 Mobs

If we look at the new theory for effective OE level +7, +10 and +13 follow the L83 L84 and L85 curve to a tee.

Anyhow based on all of this information I believe we can refine our interpretation of OE effectiveness for 3rd job skills.

Enchant OEEffective Level
+1Low 81

+2Mid 81

+3High 81

+4Low 82

+5Mid 82

Enchant OEEffective Level
+6High 82


Low 83

+8Mid 83

+9High 83

+10Low 84

Enchant OEEffective Level
+11Mid 84

+12High 84

+13Low 85

+14Mid 85

+15High 85


Lethal Strike L1 is a L76 Skill
Lethal Strike +1 is L81 Skill

To be more effective against targets of a particular level you should enchant your skills to that tier. That is to say if you fight a lot of L80 people and you are L80 yourself, for significantly increased success vs. them you should have:

+13 or better 2nd Job skills
+1 or Better 3rd Job Skills

Things like lethal strike are very sensitive to level, that is to say a L40 dagger with deadly blow is going to have a very hard time scoring lethal strikes vs a L80 player. Stun is also very sensitive to level adjustment as well as are most other debuffs.

Here is a table with skill enchant rates