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Dex - Catalin talking about Freya l2j project

Catalin told yesterday, on dex forum, some things about current evolution of Freya project, about l2 java from Arion server.

"we only took partial code from l2 java . as you can see :
1. we rewrote the java core system 
1.1 u can login with your acc on both l2j and l2off srv . 
2. mobs stats /drop are retail 100 % 
3 . managed to make ~80 % from gracia to work as retail . 
4. recoded geoengine (need few tweak at pathnode)
5. remade the ai mobs implementation (incomming) 
6. managed to move the database with all your chars, skill etc (except those u can remade :shortcuts, macro and clan sigs)
etc etc  (something that l2j never accomplished in 5 years)

good part is that now we can progress . 
trust me , it was not an easy decission for us to start something new after so long time . "

He also said on Wrath's forum that he will add the Arion files there also, "after holidays".