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Dex is going to add an update for GF, SOON!

Catalin announced today on wrath's forum that soon is going to be an update for Gracia Final: "soon we will release a gf update".
He also speaks about 99% Fortress, and Citadel, Hellbound stages being fully written:

"fortress system was done 99% since 1 year ago .. but to make the 4h siege support that is 1% is not so easy to be done . we almost fihished the tests for fortresses on test srv . there is no reason to add something that dont work well .

same as for citadel map .. we have all hb wroten . all stages . problem is that server can load the new map for citadel of steel (for that we need to expand the array of geodata )

etc etc . ofc everybody wants all things fixed . but keep in mind that for us is a hobby . should be the same for you too .

if i dont post news about TS is not ok . if i tell you will be a nice update ..again is not OK

before you doubt abous us .. keep in mind that we are online since 2005 . some years good (c1,c4) , some years not so good .
what kept us alive is the community . your reports on bug topic are usefull for our coders .

always remember that this is a game . and none owns you anything and viceversa."

So be ready, SOON!

Source: Catalin about GF update @ wrath forum