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Dex - HB to GF changes

After some questions to the Wrath players, to see the updates from HB to GF, to know more about what will be changed when Dex will update to GF, i got those informations:

- Nobless gate Passes that ware made in HB wont be deleted;
- Oly pts that ware made before GF wont be deleted;
- Tomes and Pages/Contracts from those, that we got in HB will remain intact, but we cant trade or sell them anymore;
- Subclass skills (triggers) will have the same activation rate;
- Fame points will be made at sieges, while you stay in siege zone (and when Underground Coliseum will be remade by Dex Team, there also) - wrath players said that you can make up to 3k fame / siege;
- Celestial Trigger (Barrier) - will be the same like on HB, will have the same effect and the same activation rate, but you wont get VR effect with it on; update: also you cant be healed, cant restore CP.
- Olympiad buffer will disappear after you get 5 buffs, and reappear "fresh" next match. No more "no buffs" in oly!
- Olympiad max pts lose/win is 10. So no matter how many pts you, or your opponent have, there will be still max 10 pts win/lose in any match.
- Focus pasive dont give 200 crit. rate anymore. It gives ~50 crit. rate now.
- Tomes rate 100 = 30 HFP / 74 HSP / 11 DCF.

Thanks Wrath Players for those info!