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Attribute Crystals

About Attribute Crystals (info from Ptitlaby @ elliebelly)

Attribute Crystals are like an An Attribute Stone. Applied on a weapon (resp. Armor) , you could increase Attribute Attack (resp. Defense)
The main difference is the max attribute you can bestow on weapon/armor.

With a Holy Stone you could up a weapon to 150 Attribute, and an armor piece to 60 Attribute.

With a Holy Crystal you could up a weapon to 300 Attribute, and an armor piece to 120 Attribute.

Each Stone / Crystal could increase the Attribute on a weapon by 5 and on an armor by 6. Both could fail, and they have a different succes rate (about 50% for stones, and 30% for crystals). If the Crystal/Stone you put on an item fails, the weapon will stay like it was before you tried.
Each Attribute Stone or Crystal will increase by 6 the element on a weapon, or 6 on armor.

There are three ways to get an Attribute Crystal. You could craft them dropm them or get them from a quest.

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